Saturday, 6 March 2021

Trade Customer Registration

This area is only for use by Trade Customers

Trade Customers are customers who operate in the IT Industry, and are buying parts to re-sell onto end-users/the market, or companies that offer repair solutions for end-users. Customers that are buying parts for their own use will not be considered as trade customers, and should therefore use the End-User purchasing system where they will still save 10% on our normal telephone pricing

If you are an end-user then you may buy parts on-line here

To register as a user of BNPCNet simply complete this on-line form. The 'Login Name' and 'Password' are chosen by you. Once you have completed the form, click 'Register My Details'. If all the information has been correctly entered the system will advise you that the registration process is complete.

We will then review the information you have given, and will allocate you with a cash-with-order trade discount account. This process normally takes a few hours. It helps if you enter your Company Registration No and your website address.

If you are an existing customer then it would further help us if you enter your Customer No which can be found on any of our invoices or delivery notes.

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We will not consider your application as being from a trade customer unless we have this information: (If you do not buy spare parts from elsewhere, please just say so)

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What is your average monthly spend on HP spare parts:
Give us an example of the last Part No you bought and what you paid:
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When you submit, your information will be checked against our database, if all is okay BNPCNet will attempt to set 4 cookies on your computer's browser. These Cookies are NOT persistant Cookies, so in other words NOTHING is written to your hard drive. Once your browser session is finished (when you close the broswer) the Cookies will be deleted. You must accept these Cookies. Cookies are simply variables (like your name for instance) that are stored locally in your browser's memory to allow BNPCNet to know who you are. If you do not accept these Cookies, BNPCNet will not function.