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  • Specialists for HP and Compaq
  • Extra discount for orders placed on-line
  • Founded in 1991
  • Close proximity to local courier hub, London, and Heathrow

    The company was started in 1991 with the vision of giving it's customers a superior service in every activity it performed. Our first offering was refurbishing fusing assemblies for laser printers. The company quickly found market position as it's quality was much higher than any of it's competition. We then made the logical step of supplying spare parts for printers in conjunction with our refurbishment operation.

    The spare part operation also quickly gained momentum, as no one else concentrated their efforts on supplying a near total solution for printer servicing. The company focused on what it knew best and made sure it was always a-head of the field, by holding enormous amounts of parts in stock ready to ship to it's customers.

    Our philosophy has always been to deal with brand new spare parts. We have never been interested in brokering or breaking up printers or PC's for parts as we believe this lowers the overall quality and reliabilty of the product. Our customers know that when they buy a part from us, it is purchased new from the supplier and they can therefore feel confident of the quality of the part.

    The company was formed in the belief that its customers should receive a high quality service. This commitment to quality has been recognised and rewarded during recent years.

    In 1996, when Hewlett-Packard decided to outsource its spare parts business, Bits 'N' PC's was selected as one of only three UK distributors.

    Part of our commitment to offering our customers a quality service is making their ordering convenient. This is why we provide many routes of access to the company. The typical phone / fax / post / e-mail routes are now being complemented by the on-line ordering system, BNPCNet, on this site. Furthermore, by opening an on-site trade counter early in 1998, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive range of options for ordering with us. This way, our customers can select the method that best suits them at any given time.

    Our e-commerce system; BNPCNet was the first printer parts e-commerce site in Europe when it began trading early in 1998. It has been heralded as the most advanced system of it's type, and gives the customer unprecedented access to the company's in-house computer system. We have our own in-house web server connected directly to the internet. Our web server is linked to our main Novell file server which serves all the data used throughout the company. When you view a part or availability using BNPCNet the data you are viewing is exactly the same data that employees of the company would see. In real time your browser is accessing our in-house database and delivering back to you live up-to-the-second information. By using BNPCNet you can also benefit from additional discount.

    We ship throughout the UK, Europe, and The World daily, with customers as far afield as the USA, Australia, Hong Hong, and South America.

    Similarly, our service can be tailored to suit customers of all sizes. We are equally experienced in dealing with multi-national corporations as we are with private individuals, and are pleased to offer pricing structures and service levels accordingly. Additionally, we apply the same level of dedication across our entire product range.

    Please explore this web-site. We hope that it reflects the comprehensive service that Bits'N'PC's are proud to supply.

    Mike Huggins

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